Our Ethical Policy


Treasure Tree was devised to protect buyers from over-complicated and under-explained commission fees.


In building our business we have worked to a simple strategy - treat our buyers and sellers as we would like to be treated ourselves.


Our ethical policy is in place to make sure this strategy is maintained through every aspect of our business.


We will:


  • Use an independent business to value our customers' businesses and properties.

  • Charge a single, one-off, fixed rate for our listings.

  • Agree a period of time for each listing to appear.

  • Make an offer to buy any property or business that hasn't sold at the end of our agreed period.

  • Price our offer based on a percentage of the agreed valuation.

  • Be upfront, clear and transparent about all transactional costs before any deals are signed.

  • Treat all sellers and buyers equally and fairly.

  • Blacklist any seller or buyers that behave unprofessionally or in any way tarnish Treasure Tree's reputation.


We will not:


  • Advertise any business that:

    • fails to uphold basic human rights

    • causes direct damage to the environment

    • causes suffering to animals

    • discriminates anyone because of their age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability

  • Put any pressure on any business or individual to accept our offer to buy.